The project was to produce a piece of interaction design for a contemporary global traveller arriving in London.

In collaboration with my classmate Xiaoyan Wang we designed an Interactive Audio walking tour ecosystem, having in our minds the role of the Flâneur and the way he walks around the city and discovers it in a unique way. The Audio walk shared network would operate similar to the ‘Barclays Cycle Hire’.
The main idea is to walk London and interact with the objects and buildings around the city, in order to discover and listen to a series of stories in a new and interactive way. Therefore, from placed vending machines the user would choose his favorite audio tour theme, such as art, history, literature and war. The Interactive headphones would be linked with a mobile application where the user could control easier his route and his experience. An additional multi-theme tour could be offered to the user for a more customized experience. Moreover we would include a gamification process so the user would be more intrigued to do all the tours or invite friends on social networks to join him and share his walking paths, photos or experiences through the interactive audio tour, and why not even meet new 16-07-39