siri_For many years, it has been a dream for many people that one-day, a piece of technology would be created to hold a conversation with a human being. Siri is an intelligent digital personal assistant that never gets tired of your questions and is available 24/7 to serve you. A lot of Siri’s content responses are pre-fixed and include a comic element, in order to give a more humane feature to its services.

There have been many controversies regarding Siri’s content, which are the filtering criteria of its responses and the very doubtful level of internet freedom it provides. During 2011, a petition was signed having 30,000 participants in order for Siri to change its response regarding abortion issues. Furthermore, a more tragicomic event occurred, when Siri delivered a list of nearby bridges if you requested to jump off one. But, after an update it changed its settings to provide the user with suicide prevention numbers. But cases like these raises important ethical questions about how free of interference the Internet and technology should really be. It raises questions, such as freedom of speech and who is in the end responsible for deciding on what is ‘right’. Finally, when you trust and talk to any online database you can never be aware about the consistency of your privacy.