Haptic means to awaken the senses, and my project ‘Phos’ (means light in Greek) aims to stimulate the senses through a haptic way and to deliver a very low-tech experience using a combination of low/high-tech methods.

‘Phos’ is a haptic physical computing installation, delivering the low-tech experience of an individual feeling the warmth of the Sunlight, to the simplest way possible. The user will enter a dark space with spotlights revealing only a deck chair, inviting him to sit down, where he would trigger, at the same time, a sea themed sound and a red heat lamp placed opposed to his face. The experience lasts for 1 minute only and the ending is very sudden, returning the user abruptly to ‘reality’. Its process offers an experience for a very limited time, leaving the user with a sense of scarcity and provokes him to ask for more. The challenge and contrast of my concept was to deliver something that has no time restrictions (enjoying the sun), under time limitation, in order to enhance the importance of the real experience and to transfer an outdoor experience, into an indoor small space. The desired outcome is to awaken the senses of the user by creating an atmosphere in their minds that would lead them to a customized personal experience.