Bttn is a physical, Internet connected red button, which is programmed to perform multiple tasks, according to the user’s needs. It gained popularity as the simplest Internet user interface in the world, and communicates with the powerful servers in the cloud (IoT). The bttn on its own form (button) and colour (red) already triggers an intuitive curiosity (press). Based on George Loewenstein’s text, “Curiosity is the feeling of deprivation that results from an awareness of the gap”, thus there is a direct relationship between curiosity and knowledge. In this case I believe that the Red Button connected to a ‘magic’ action serves this part very well. Furthermore, according to Lev Manovich’s “Introduction to Info-Aesthetics, 2008”, the word “information” contains the world “form” inside it, but in reality it is the other way around: in order to be useful to us, information always has to be wrapped up in some external form. Manovich states that “the surface of an object can become at once an output and input medium, bringing the physical and the screen-like—that is to say, form and information—together in surprising ways.” However, it stills remains questionable the fact of privacy/security and if or how bttn will be served only with the allowance and/or awareness of the owner, and finally if it is an interface that could simplify our relationship with technology and make things easier or more complicated and not that innocent.