KonneKt-Dragon-and-castle-570x320Konnekt by Job Jansweijer, is a social interaction game for isolated children faced with cancer, in the hospitals. Konnekt uses magnet connectors and suction cup connectors to soft colorful forms that kids can play individually or with a second player, since magnets stimulate a dynamic play. The project’s aim is to empower social development and connection with each other in the hospital through an engaging and direct way, which is face to face. According to Andrew Blauvelt, “Design had always relational dimension, because of its functional intentions”. Hence, as today’s relationship with the user is more complicated, the variety of practices have to be more tailor made and create behavioral reactions. In short, relational design could be described as a set of design approaches that have as a core value the integrity of human relations and their social context. Konnekt project is interrelated to this value and includes elements from all three faces of design, which are form, content and context. Finally, Konnekt’s social interaction is achieved through a low-tech and low-cost approach and the customization is achieved through the different game types (gamers, adventurers, tinkers), keeping as a central element their different personalities and that the user is still ‘just’ a child in a sterilized environment like hospitals.