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I attended the wearable futures venue that took place on 10&11 December at the Ravensbourne University. wearable_futuresThose two days were a great inspiration and experience for me. I’ve had the chance to see some amazing works and to talk with so many interesting and talented people, and i’ve also tested the google glasses, which was cool. “The conference and workshops showcased multidisciplinary collaboration and the opportunity to explore new concepts and ideas.”


During the past 2 months there were various MA exhibitions in LCC with some fantastic student’s work that i had the privilege to go around on lunch times or after finishing our tutorials (exhausting days indeed). I took some snapshot of some of the works i really liked, but there were many many more that were great.
The following work which i really loved -and i could even identify myself because i had been working at home endless hours for office projects- is from Mike Pevsner for his series Working From Home which examined the creation of office spaces with the home.
ma photography

oxford christmas lights 2013

I know people saying that they don’t like to visit the touristy events and festivals, but to be honest I think sometimes, it’s very attractive to be a tourist in the city you are living.



“If we have no history, we have no future”. This was the first thing that came into my mind while i was enjoying my glass of wine and we were entertained from a lovely performance of Madame de Pompadour. I was admiring all these glorified rooms and the exceptional fine fabrics on the walls and of course the breathtaking collection of the Renaissance paintings and the rare collection of furnitures and miniatures. It only made me think what was considered art back then…and what is considered art now; Our evolvement relies on our history and same goes for art, design and interaction design.

I think we all deserved a good night out after the presentations…


‘High School Teacher’ was my title for that night.


And as we say in Greece…Γεια μας (Cheers)